Tuesday, April 19, 2011

family photo op

recently, we had the opportunity to have our first ever family photos taken!  they were snapped by the ever-so-lovely jade payne of journey tree studio.  (click here to see the last time she took our pics.)

she had her sweet family in tow, and came out to zephyr to take photos of all the staff and their families.  i love looking at photos, being in them is a different story.  but jade has a gift with her camera and her joyful energy and gets the best pictures...every time!

here are a few of my favorites she took of us that day.

you rock jade!


  1. This just reminded me that I still need to give Abby the CD for the "edited" pics. You know, the vintage look. I'll get those to yall this week.

    PS have I mentioned how much I LOVE your family?

    big time love!

  2. we love you Jade! that'd be great to see the edited pics. :) thanks!


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