Sunday, February 27, 2011

oscar night!

i love award season, and this is the mecca of award nights.  the 83rd academy awards is tonight!  fabulous pre-shows with amazing fashion & witty banter leading to the actual show hosted by anne hathaway & james franco.

i immediately think of kimiko-tan.  if he comes out with her, at any part of the show, that'll be the highlight for me.

i'm hoping they are fun hosts, but i can't imagine they'd be better than the 2010 hosts steve martin & alec baldwin.  we shall see.

since there is so much going on during the oscars, i decided to do an ode to the best picture nod.  here are this years best picture nominees and the best picture winners from the grantham family birth years.

and the nominees are...

best picture winner for my birth year: 1978

tyler's birth year: 1980

sadie's birth year: 2002

tessa's birth year: 2006

jack's birth year: 2008

so we are looking forward to bedtime for the kiddos so we can get our oscar watching started!  and the winner is...

yay for movies,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

pudding camera

the newest iPhone photo app to my collection, pudding camera, has been fun so far.  i need to experiment with some more willing participants...sometimes the little people are not into photo ops.  anyway, i came across the link on here to read about it for yourself.  oh, and did i mention it's free?!  even more fun that it's free.  ;)

here are some of the camera and film choices...

and here are some of the pics that i've taken with pudding camera...

any excuse to take more pics!  so go to the app store and search for pudding camera and start shooting.

have fun,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

new song/music wish list

i absolutely love music and probably couldn't do very much without it.  (i.e. cleaning, working out...necessary!)

i'd like to give these very worthy songs a new home in my itunes library.  i promise to play them often and be productive while listening.  thank you.

hint hint,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pride & prejudice

*note to reader:  when reading this post, it is required that it is read with a british accent*

i love the 2005 movie version of jane austen's pride and prejudice.  such a beautifully crafted movie.  from the acting and cinematography to the fabulous costumes.  not to mention the music...swoon.

here are some of my favorite images from the movie...

mr. darcy & mr. bingly

this precious scene with jane & mr. bingly

sweet sisters jane & elizabeth

raise your hand if you think the looks of rosamund pike as jane could be an adult tessa...


tessa (my hand is up)

dapper gentlemen

elegant ladies

elizabeth & mr. darcy

the bennet women

kitty, jane & lydia

one of the best scenes in a movie...ever

and look at these goodies i found on etsy to commemorate such a romance...

in the love shop.

signing off to go watch it...


Monday, February 21, 2011

yipes stripes!

i am mad about stripes and anthropologie isn't disappointing in that department.

loblolly pullover

happy morning sweater

a bit biased tee

sun shades dress

nautical dreaming chemise

seamingly maxi

between the lines set

waving stripes curtain

sweetest thing dishtowel

kaarina bedding

next thing you know...i'll be seeing spots.  ;)


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