Friday, April 29, 2011

mother lover

hello friends!  mother's day is approaching, 9 days to be exact.  you can beat the crowds and get her gift this weekend.  or, if you prefer shopping online, you still have time.  whew!

here are some nifty gift ideas for your momma...

she will enjoy her morning coffee
in a homegrown monogram mug

or some kusmi tea if coffee isn't her style

a sweet treat of yummy salted caramels

hang this sweet mothers daughter print on her wall

saturn sunhat to protect her pretty face

tell her she is beautiful

give her a big bouquet in this fabulous jadite pitcher

don't forget her lovely card

whatever you do for your mom (or your wife...husbands with kiddos), make it personal & she's bound to love it!  there are even some mother's day freebies/coupons floating around.  check here to see if they're available in your area.  have a great weekend!

happy friday,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little walk about

the littlest g's have been napping horribly lately.  so, i took them on a walk about this morning to get some wiggles out.

*note: when saying walk about, it must be said with an australian accent*

after tessa's moans and groans about walking (poor thing), we were off!  we collected rocks along the way to the pond to make a splash while we were there.  

tessa had the right idea, but jack thought he'd throw his whole bucket of rocks in.

no worries...mommy to the rescue!  
after that catastrophe was avoided, i caught this sweet little moment.

next, we walked up to the marshall conference center 
to the swinging benches...lake side.

what a view...

thank you Jesus, for these sweet times with our littlest people.


what the cuss

have a fantastic tuesday,

Saturday, April 23, 2011 photo op

here are some more pics from our latest session with jade...

have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

stretchin' the austin lovin'

another eatery on our "to do" list was the hula hut.  it was our first stop after we got settled at maggie's.  it couldn't have been better!  the weather was perfect during our brief walk from the parking lot to the hut.  as we came up to it, we noticed that behind the restaurant, was a beautiful lake surround by some rolling hills. (huge deal to us south tx folks!)  it has a fun surfer atmosphere and the food was great!

yummy fish tacos!

cute little pier!  i bet it's beautiful at night.

we ate at kerbey lane cafe for breakfast that next morning.  i was so distracted by the lovely conversation with my hubs and the delicious apple wheat pancakes, that i forgot to take pics while we were there.  shucks!

tyler also took me to my mother ship...anthropologie, and got me my beloved into obscurity chemise.  love, love, love.  i'd wear it everyday if i could.  finally i found a long dress that's not too long.  :)

i think he secretly likes this store too...maybe
you come here to me
on the wall behind the registers
yours truly sportin' the chemise


until next time,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

music to my ears

austin has been dubbed the live music capitol of the world...and for good reason.  we've been to a few shows there, vampire weekend at stubb's, acl fest, and our most recent...king's of leon.  band of horses opened for them, and i'm sorry to those of you boh lovers, they were only ok.

i will say that their stage entrance was one of the best i've seen.  they came out to the antoine dodson 'hide ya kids hide ya wife' remix.  it was awesome.  here it is if you haven't seen it:

these are some pics from the show...

band of horses


finale fireworks

it was a great show!  some annoying fans though, one in particular i dubbed "pig tails".  she was one of those in their 50's, party like we're 20 ladies who was wearing pig tails.  i object.  not to the fun, but to the drunken pig tail wearing mid life crisis of it all.  minus that nonsense,  good times were had.

we celebrated the music capitol by visiting waterloo too.  yes they have cd's, but we went for the records.  here are some vinyl goodies we found...

heck yes!

can listen to from start to finish

yes please

new foo

my melancholy fav

the boys of beastie

 99 cent treasures...i'm there

the eurythmics

could be good playing in the background
eating some meatballs

oh olivia...

i love me some banjo

we left with the new foo fighters, the new strokes & the new adele!  lot's of great music and memories on our drive home.  what are you listening to right now?  love it or leave it?  inquiring minds want to know.

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