Monday, April 11, 2011

austin here we come

tomorrow morning, the hubs and i are headed to austin!  

i'm getting really excited!   thanks to our amaaazing friend, kristie, we will be leaving the little people here.  that conversation, getting in and out of the car all by ourselves, dining for two...what a treat!

tyler, by the suggestion of a friend, found us a great place to stay.  he went to and reserved a sweet little spot to call home for the night...instead of a hotel room.

 we've gotten some great eatery suggestions from friends.  they are:

after we get settled in our comfy abode, we'll probably head out for some lunch and a little shoppin'.  anthro is on the list (of course) but i also wanted to try to hit up some great vintage shops.


the grand finale of the evening will be seeing king's of leon at the frank erwin center!  we got to see them last year at the woodland's pavilion and it was great.  the black keys opened for them at that show...come on!  here are some pics...

it's gonna be awesome!  i've got to get busy packing and finish the home prep for our departure.  woo!



  1. you should for sure eat at Kerbey Lane! Their apple wheat pancakes are AMAZING! Oh and their guacamole is really good too! ha weird combo I know...but have fun!! :)

  2. I'm so excited for you two! Have fun:) You DESERVE it!!!


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