Thursday, April 21, 2011

stretchin' the austin lovin'

another eatery on our "to do" list was the hula hut.  it was our first stop after we got settled at maggie's.  it couldn't have been better!  the weather was perfect during our brief walk from the parking lot to the hut.  as we came up to it, we noticed that behind the restaurant, was a beautiful lake surround by some rolling hills. (huge deal to us south tx folks!)  it has a fun surfer atmosphere and the food was great!

yummy fish tacos!

cute little pier!  i bet it's beautiful at night.

we ate at kerbey lane cafe for breakfast that next morning.  i was so distracted by the lovely conversation with my hubs and the delicious apple wheat pancakes, that i forgot to take pics while we were there.  shucks!

tyler also took me to my mother ship...anthropologie, and got me my beloved into obscurity chemise.  love, love, love.  i'd wear it everyday if i could.  finally i found a long dress that's not too long.  :)

i think he secretly likes this store too...maybe
you come here to me
on the wall behind the registers
yours truly sportin' the chemise


until next time,


  1. I had a sorority formal on that lake on a big ol' boat! The pier is gorgeous at night!

  2. That must have been fun! The scenery was really pretty & I even saw some turtles swimming around. :)


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