Monday, April 4, 2011

mr & mrs shaw

this past saturday, april 2nd, was my sisters wedding day!  it was a whirlwind to say the least, and was just perfect.

my family and i headed up to houston on friday, april fools day.  we left later than i wanted, but with everything the weekend would bring, packing was quite daunting.  we pulled into my mom's condo community around 4 pm and as soon as everything (and everybody) was brought inside, the pom pom making commenced.  

at around 7:30ish, i was at the visible changes salon at memorial city mall waiting for juan to get busy cutting my mane.  (i wish it was a's more like a lackluster mop)  anyway, when he was done, my hair looked great and headed back to my mom's for more pom pom creating.  i stayed up really late making them, but i got them all done and headed to bed at 1:30 am, ready for the magical day to be here. 

on saturday morning, myself and some of my sisters sweet friends had breakfast with the bride-to-be at le peep on westheimer.  i had the health nut, 3 cups of coffee and a bite of emily's amazing cinnamon roll.  i loved being there, soaking up that priceless time with my sis and three lovely ladies who love her as i do.  

after breakfast i headed back to mom's to meet up with our fabulous nanny for the day, lindsay, and get the girls for their hair appointments.  so, sadie, tessa, lindsay & i  headed back to see juan and another stylist to get the girls hair done for the big day.  juan did sadie's do and kelly did tessa's.  what a fun girly time it was!  then, back to mom's to get all of the sweet treats, cake stands, pom poms, people and outfits loaded up.  then everyone, minus tyler, headed to the venue for the pre-wedding primp.  

the ceremony and dessert reception was held at the home of a sweet, godly couple whom sarah, stephen and my mom have known for years.  we managed to get everyone dressed, desserts placed, pom poms fluffed (thanks to the help of many friends :) with time to spare.  so many special people arrived to witness this amazing moment, and before we knew it, they were husband and wife!  

then came yummy dessert consumption, visiting with friends old and new, and posing for some pics.  speaking of pics...this lame-o was so busy scurrying around that i didn't take any myself!  i know!  

here are the only pics i took all weekend:

my sis's pretty kitty, olive

one of the many tissue pom pom's

tess getting her tresses squeaky clean

sadie post do looking fabulous! (and much much older than 8)

i admit to not being the best at capturing precious moments, but i'm so happy to have been there, serving and mingling to help make that day as perfect as it could be for the happy couple.  

stephen and sarah, i love you more than i could ever express.  i am thrilled that you are husband and wife and look forward to sharing many good times together.  God bless you both and your marriage.  i hope you have a fantastic time on your honeymoon and can't wait to catch up when you get back.  

thank you so much to those who've been praying for this awesome couple while courting, for their special day, and now for their marriage.  thank you to their friends and family who love them and lead them.  thank you dennis and cynthia, for opening your home for this special occasion.  thank you mom, for being the best mom ever and taking care of all the wedding prep.  thank you lindsay, for all of your help with the kiddos.  we couldn't have done it without you.  thank you kristie, for pet sitting the fur kids while we were away.  and last but not least, thank you tyler, for your support and being so helpful during this busy time...i love you.

it was an awesome weekend!  (minus the pollen cloud who took hold of our sinuses)  here's to the happy couple and many more momentous occasions to be had!


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  1. I went over to Emily's yesterday for Seth's birthday party and Ella showed me her room. She and Emily had taken a few of the poofs you made and hung them from her ceiling. Em made a few more and Ella just loves them.


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