Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little walk about

the littlest g's have been napping horribly lately.  so, i took them on a walk about this morning to get some wiggles out.

*note: when saying walk about, it must be said with an australian accent*

after tessa's moans and groans about walking (poor thing), we were off!  we collected rocks along the way to the pond to make a splash while we were there.  

tessa had the right idea, but jack thought he'd throw his whole bucket of rocks in.

no worries...mommy to the rescue!  
after that catastrophe was avoided, i caught this sweet little moment.

next, we walked up to the marshall conference center 
to the swinging benches...lake side.

what a view...

thank you Jesus, for these sweet times with our littlest people.


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