Thursday, April 14, 2011

uncommon objects

one of the first places we went to on our austin trip was uncommon objects.  it was recommended to us by the sweet lady who's place we were staying while in town.  it was, for lack of a better word, overwhelming!  there was so much to see.  and to take it all in, you need a lot of time.  especially if you're hunting for something specific.  while we were there, it was hard to take pics because i kept getting distracted at all the treasures!  here are some of the shots i managed to snap...

it was hard to resist

who doesn't need a huge mirrored dome for their wall?

so many colored glass pieces

ships in bottles

sarah!  who had candles like these when we were little?!

lots of salt & pepper shakers

beautiful broches

more fabulous jewelry


these are the treasures i brought home...
awesome vintage tin

cute little pyrex with lid

pretty green planter

this shop will become one of our regular stops when we visit!  i'm so happy with my new uncommon goods and need to save up for next time.  not only were the treasures great, but all the gals who worked there were great too!  one of the ladies even had her huge yellow lab in the shop who came out to greet me.  dogs and vintage goodies...swoon.  thank you, maggie, for helping me find one of my new fav places!


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  1. I'm in love with those broaches!! I NEED to go there.


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