Thursday, January 27, 2011

jack attack

our little bub, jack, has been quite challenging lately (imagine that!).  i have felt like such a failure with him in these past few weeks, and had too many of those "psycho mommy moments".  and because i feel so stretched with him, i then feel like i have nothing left to give tyler, sadie or tess.

so, after i reached my peak...i am really bad about doing it on my own for as long as i can...i cried out to God asking for help.  it was in his timing, of course, but he has blessed me with some very sweet moments within the past few days.

now, when jack throws one of his epic fits, all i have to do is tell him "go in your room or stop crying" and get this...HE STOPS!  it seems pretty obvious, but the understanding on his part is new...or at least him showing us he understands is new.  he is also doing so well with using his manners!  he is getting in the habit of saying "pweeese & tank you" even "yes ma'am" all on his own.  bedtime has gotten easier too.  we have figured out that if we leave his door open a bit, he stays in bed and no crying!  Praise you Jesus!

don't get me wrong, he is still very strong willed and shows it frequently (he is currently crying on my lap), but the breakthrough with communication has made those moments so much easier to handle.

Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  2 Cor 12:9

Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul.  Prov 29:17

thank you, my precious savior, for your grace and endless love. without them i would surely perish.  thank you for being the perfect example for parents.  teaching us to to be loving, patient and gentle.  to teach and nurture them into adult hood, so then they will choose to continually seek you.

sighing in relief,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fred flare fav's

it's been a little while since i've visited fred flare, so i popped in to see one of my favorite online shops!  (and it didn't disappoint ;)

i am loving...

this fake tattoo sleeve

the tough love necklace

the disney couture shark bracelet

these wrappers delight honesty bows

YES!  100 years worth of fashion illustration

these cake toppers would be perfect for a certain wedding on april 2nd

the marilyn cocktail ring

gah!  giant gummi bear on a stick

i have loved my carly bag since christmas

you need to go to fred flare and make your wish list too...have fun shopping!

fred's got flare,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i heart fashion sketches

i've always loved the look of fashion sketches and how quickly a designer can whip one out.  like within seconds of an idea, a sharpie in hand and a crisp piece of white paper...they can create a specific design and you can actually see how the finished project will look!  the proportions are wacky but perfect at the same time....narrow hips and shoulders with legs for days.  some are very basic and "skeletal" looking and others are quite polished. 

one of my favorites to watch is isaac mizrahi.  you can watch him sketch on watch isaac.

here is some of his work:



i love these by tracy reese


this sketch from giorgio armani for lady gaga is awesome


in the holiday 2010 free people, some pages featured the sketch along with the finished look


max azria


i love this whole look from lela rose


and this little black swan number


the little girl in me loves this one


this christmas, maybe i'll ask santa to bring me some framed sketches to decorate the walls around here.  ;)  or maybe i'll have a try at it...

getting my sharpie,

Monday, January 24, 2011

not so manic monday

let's make this monday seem less manic by imagining you're doing your everyday activities in your dream locations.


doing your morning quiet times here

taking a bath in this fabulous tub

enjoying your morning coffee at this parisian cafe

taking your furry friend for a walk on the beach

reading your favorite book here

making (and eating) a yummy lunch here

taking a nap here

playing with your kids here

doing your grocery shopping here (need one in s. tx!)

enjoying a quiet dinner for two here

as liz lemon would say...i want to go to there.

dreaming big,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

honey pied loves journey tree studio

jack was 9 months old the last time we had anyone take photos of the kids! (minus school or family photos)  we are obviously in need of some new portraits of these little, not so little, people...stat!

my sweet friend jade, of journey tree studio, was the lovely photographer for that session oh so long ago.  time flies...jack being 2 1/2 now (everyone needs a half) and then, a family of three, she and her hubby welcomed their baby dos a few months ago!

here are some of those pics...way back when

oh good grief!  they all look so little in those pics!  it's settled, i need to book a photo date asap.  whaddya say jade, you up for it?!  :)

y'all need to swing by journey tree and take a peek at some of jades beautiful photos.  and then...have her take pictures for your next event!  you'll love her & her work.

say cheeeeese,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

dolly madness!!

i've been a bit preoccupied with these little ladies as of late.

their faces have been painted, dresses have been picked out, and hair clips and headbands are in place.  now they need their pigtails, arms and legs sewn on & a bit of stuffing and they'll be ready freddy!  don't they look happy?! 


follow honey pied on bloglovin!

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crossing my fingers this works...

Friday, January 21, 2011

pawesome = awesome

my hubs, tyler, who loves me so and knows that furry creatures are some of my most favorite things, introduced me to pawesome yesterday!  (i think i'm rubbing off on him ;)  chock full of cute pics, fun posts, pet food recall info, adoption & rescue links, the outpost & much more.  so hurry and take a peek for yourselves!  :)

you can visit pawesome outpost on etsy, follow them on twitter and "like" them on facebook!  power to the pets...


new glasses?

i have been wanting new glasses for a little while now.

geek chic is oh so fabulous, and i have to say,  i'm a fan of nerd glasses.

here's why...

colin firth
zooey deschanel
the weez
geek lords, napoleon & kip
tina fey, aka liz lemon, aka funny lady
jemaine clement from flight of the concords
patrick carney from the black keys

in my "nerd glasses" research (haha), i found more fellas sporting them then the ladies.  never the less, i still want some.

a couple years ago, i saw an add for warby parker via daily candy.  uh mah gah!  so cute and affordable!
here, take a peak...

i love these colton frames

and these miles frames

all of their frames are $95...that's frames & lenses people!  and if that's not good enough, when you buy a pair, they provide a pair for someone in need through non-profits such as restoring vision.  win win. 

geek on,
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