Sunday, January 23, 2011

honey pied loves journey tree studio

jack was 9 months old the last time we had anyone take photos of the kids! (minus school or family photos)  we are obviously in need of some new portraits of these little, not so little, people...stat!

my sweet friend jade, of journey tree studio, was the lovely photographer for that session oh so long ago.  time flies...jack being 2 1/2 now (everyone needs a half) and then, a family of three, she and her hubby welcomed their baby dos a few months ago!

here are some of those pics...way back when

oh good grief!  they all look so little in those pics!  it's settled, i need to book a photo date asap.  whaddya say jade, you up for it?!  :)

y'all need to swing by journey tree and take a peek at some of jades beautiful photos.  and then...have her take pictures for your next event!  you'll love her & her work.

say cheeeeese,

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