Tuesday, January 18, 2011

manic monday...i mean tuesday

this tuesday morning, i am feeling full of His grace and love. 

here are some loves of mine...

 hillsong worship

my red bull from this morning

passionate men and women who fight for our rights

 common grounds for a pick me up

 when we get to go here on sunday

my new anthropologie tee

the UK, even though i haven't been there...yet

zephyr's new website

my beautimus birthday scarf

my fabulous brother sewing machine...which i've been using a lot lately

anibiotics...sinus infections stink

fuzzy's pizza



  1. I love common grounds too!! You're so hip Libby. :)

  2. Thanks Sar! :)
    p.s.- Ty told me where you guys are going for the honeymoon...exciting!


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