Friday, January 21, 2011

new glasses?

i have been wanting new glasses for a little while now.

geek chic is oh so fabulous, and i have to say,  i'm a fan of nerd glasses.

here's why...

colin firth
zooey deschanel
the weez
geek lords, napoleon & kip
tina fey, aka liz lemon, aka funny lady
jemaine clement from flight of the concords
patrick carney from the black keys

in my "nerd glasses" research (haha), i found more fellas sporting them then the ladies.  never the less, i still want some.

a couple years ago, i saw an add for warby parker via daily candy.  uh mah gah!  so cute and affordable!
here, take a peak...

i love these colton frames

and these miles frames

all of their frames are $95...that's frames & lenses people!  and if that's not good enough, when you buy a pair, they provide a pair for someone in need through non-profits such as restoring vision.  win win. 

geek on,

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