Sunday, January 9, 2011

honey pied loves bueno bueno

a couple of months ago, i found this sweet blog called mucho mucho bueno bueno bueno.  and then, after reading some fantastic posts, i went to the shop.  super fun skeleton key necklaces, feather headbands and dangles, and the bueno bueno key necklaces.  love love love those and saw, via twitter, that for the christmas season, they could be personalized!  what what?! 

so i emailed them, and very quickly miss brandi got back to me and set the wheels in motion.  there are a few options for the symbol on top: a feather, an anchor, a firebird, a heart locket, a surfer and the catus & sun (perfect for the south tx desert!).  since this was going to be for the hubs, i thought the heart locket would be perfecto!  heart locket it is, with both our names down the key...libby/tyler...perfectly balanced with five letters each! 

drum roll please....

here it is in all it's glory! 

*angels singing in the background*

thank you brandi for one of my favorite accessories of all time!  stop by the bueno and share the love people.  :)

muy mucho bueno,


  1. Thanks for spreading the love! We are so happy you love your necklace.


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