Wednesday, January 12, 2011

gettin' ready for BT community market!

it is getting closer...the BT community market that is.  it is happening feb. 5th, and with it being only a few weeks away, i've been busily getting ready. 
i had a craft show opportunity in '09, but sadly it was rained out and was not a success at all.  *sad face*

needless to say, i'm really excited about this one! 

anyway, the market is gonna be great!  for more info about it, click here.

here's a sneak peek at what i've been working on for the market:

little dolly legs getting ready to be sewn on
braided straps for headbands and necklaces
iPad, kindle & nook sleeves
misc. pieces for headbands, necklaces, etc.
school spirit and everyday headbands
pet beds for your fur babies to snuggle in
doggy treats...for when they've been good
little valentine pillows for that special someone

there will be much more and i'm hoping you can join us!  the market will have so many different vendors plus a fire truck in the parking lot for the kiddos to check out, and much more! 

so much to do...gotta go sew, sew, sew...



  1. Oooh! Ipad and kindle sleeves! You cute little craft diva. I love those! (Not that I have an ipad or kindle...but when I do...I'm gonna be all over that:)


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