Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

grantham holiday(s)

christmas has come and gone...i can't believe how quickly that went!  we had a very merry holiday and i hope you did too.  then we got to celebrate sadie's 8th birthday!  she was a little under the weather, so we brought her birthday to her...on the couch.  :)  anyway, here are some pics of our holidays.   

the whole shebang!

last minute arranging

nap & i enjoying the view

jack trying out the new train set

tessa with her new dora & baby boots

sadie & i playing "santa"

sadie & her new boots trying out the PlasmaCar

looks like santa ate his cookies :)

thomas action up close


this is what excited singing looks like

birthday girl!

new vera!

one of her new horse books

telling us what her card says

we had a great holiday season with family and friends!  it's always fun to get and to give goodies, but even sweeter to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, our savior! 

feeling very blessed,

today is a little brighter

yesterday was a sad day.

my old lady, miss kitty cobb grantham, was set free from her tired, sick body.  she'd been a part of my family since my senior year of high school.  she was my companion before i met my husband.  she was my baby before i had babies.  she has been a part of my life for so long...and i can't believe she's not here anymore.

what a blessing to have had such a wonderful kitty for 15 years.  i praise you, God, that she is finally at peace.  today is a little brighter thanks to His grace and so many loved ones prayers.  thank you all. 

so run free, my sweet girl.  you will be missed.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

xanadu fabulousity

so, the zephyr winter retreat is happening as i type.  during this yearly affair, the summer staffers come back "home" to see everyone, get poured into by worship and message, eat and have fun!  :)  one of my favorite things about the winter retreat is the themed party.   this year the theme is "mythical magical christmas".  immediately i thought of my all time favorite mythical character...olivia newton john as "kira" from xanadu!  could i pull this off?   i've wanted to be kira for many dress up occasions.  it never happened because i was either too young (the slit in her amazing muse dress is a tad high) or couldn't find all the pieces to complete this awesome 80's outfit. (ribbon barrettes, white roller skates, leg warmers and the off the shoulder ruffle dress.) 

this movie has it all!  roller skates, a fun soundtrack, fabulous costumes, an animated sequence, singing & dancing...what else would you expect from an 80's olivia newton john movie?!

if you wanted to watch this with your kiddos, depending on their age, i wouldn't let them watch the whole movie.  (there are some awkward dance scenes.) instead, either skip those parts or show them the finale here on you tube. 

but alas, looks like i won't pull it off again this time either.  *tear*

that shouldn't mean you don't get to see some kira shots of your own.  you're welcome. ;)

the movie poster

there she is.

skating with her human love, sonny

olivia + sequined jumpsuit + feathered layers = hot. hottie. hot.

"kira" and some of her muse sisters

one of my favorite parts

some of olivia's  looks in the movie.

so, what will i be for this mythical christmas party?  it won't be as fabulous as kira, but fabulous none the less. 


Friday, December 17, 2010

'tis the season for...

this yummy peppermint bark

bubble lights

the snowman

trapper hats

 a peppermint latte

snowy paths


these big bulbs

watching this movie

notes to your loved ones

keeping those tootsies warm

festive front door decor

beautiful stockings hung with care

warm cups of tea

  silly girls playing in the snow

have a merry weekend,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

love this..

picture of marilyn


alaskan memories

since it's beginning to feel like winter down here in south texas, it brings back memories of a much colder place my family and i used to live in...eagle river, alaska.  my dad was stationed at elmendorf air force base, in anchorage, as his "over seas" assignment.  needless to say it was very extreme.

we lived in eagle river and my parents would drive 30 minutes into anchorage to work.  i started 6th grade there and went through my first semester as a high school sophomore before we moved down to texas.  (that drive, yes drive, is a whole post on it's own.  maybe later.)

my memories consist of:   

  • always being cold, 
  • the biggest snow flakes i've ever seen
  • moose walking through our yard
  • hearing the term "frost bite" for the first time
  • endless sun-filled summer days & snowy dark winter days
  • permanent fund checks
  • mountains in the distance wherever you look
  • it being so cold you could see ice crystals in the air
  • amazing wildlife
  • the term "below zero"
  • needing pepper spray just to go on a walks
  • the iditarod
  • referring to the rest of the united states as "the lower 48"
  • always being cold

here are some amazing alaskan images

front gate at elmendorf AFB

where i started high school

alaskan railroad

beautiful alaskan native

northern lights

mama moose and her baby

stoic musk ox

sled dogs

sea otters


baluga whales

bald eagles in homer, alaska

grizzley bear and his dinner

we need to go back there some the summer of course.

needing a warm mug of coffee in my hands,
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