Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pride & prejudice

*note to reader:  when reading this post, it is required that it is read with a british accent*

i love the 2005 movie version of jane austen's pride and prejudice.  such a beautifully crafted movie.  from the acting and cinematography to the fabulous costumes.  not to mention the music...swoon.

here are some of my favorite images from the movie...

mr. darcy & mr. bingly

this precious scene with jane & mr. bingly

sweet sisters jane & elizabeth

raise your hand if you think the looks of rosamund pike as jane could be an adult tessa...


tessa (my hand is up)

dapper gentlemen

elegant ladies

elizabeth & mr. darcy

the bennet women

kitty, jane & lydia

one of the best scenes in a movie...ever

and look at these goodies i found on etsy to commemorate such a romance...

in the love shop.

signing off to go watch it...


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