Friday, May 13, 2011

friday evening with mimi

my mom is in town...if you can call lagarto a town...and i'm enjoying every "catch-up" moment.  today was spent on the naval base in corpus christi doing some couponing at the commissary.  yes, we (mainly tyler) have been couponing.  it is saving lots of ceesh and our pantry has never been so full.

anywho, my dad served this amazing country in the armed services (navy, marines & air force) for 20 years and even after his death, we are still reaping the benefits of his hard work.  until my family and i got to texas, my memories consist of living on military bases.  my dad's mustache being very groomed, lots of pretty medals and ribbons on his uniforms, and the concept that  my dad's service was for the greater good of this country...not just my little world.

lately, whenever my mom visits, we hit up the naval base for good deals and to reminisce.  those are good memories, living on base.  having so many friends live in the same culdesac as you.  the safety of those gates that not just anyone can come though.  i imagine now as a parent, that must have been awesome comfort in letting your kids go out and play without much worry.

so we visited the base exchange (the bx...i.e. the place to shop on base) and then the commissary (the grocery store on base).  a successful trip all in all. we got jack his birthday presents...lots of boy toys like comic book action figures, cars & a thomas the train tricycle.  score!  grocery shopping at the commissary wasn't too shabby either.  we got everything on the list and saved even more with our coupons!  *patting ourselves on the back*

we headed home, picked sadie up from school, made dinner...yadda, yadda.  this evening, there will be even more qt with mim's!  first on the agenda, a little just dance on the wii:

believe it

next, we will be uploading some awesome family pics (click here and here to see them) to shutterfly since fed/ex kinko's in corpus was no help.  boo :(  to conclude the day we will be viewing the, grand on so many levels, king's speech:

i love this movie!

while we wait for these two to arrive:

mr & mrs shaw :)

tomorrow we will be celebrating jack's upcoming 3rd birthday together!  his actual b-day is on the 27th of this month.  yummy treats will be consumed, wrapping paper will be all over the place and a lot of laughter will ensue.  i am grateful for these times and people.

well, i'm off to dance!  who else is happy blogger is working again?!  can i gitta amen?!  ;)


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