Friday, May 20, 2011


a few years ago my eyes were opened to another form of human injustice.  human trafficking.  i'm a firm believer that many americans (myself included) are so clueless to all of the world's happenings.  if it's not broadcast on the evening news, or in our inboxes we have to seek the information ourselves.  and honestly, how many of us do that?!  it's hard enough for me to do my quiet times everyday, let alone try to seek stories that are relevant globally.

backtracking a bit...a few years ago i was invited to the glo conference at bay area fellowship in corpus christi.  we have been attending that church for years and the thought of a ladies conference sounded great!  and the best part...i left all of our kiddos at home with tyler!  it's always a treat to get out of the house without the little people, but back then, jack was still a baby.  so it was an extra special opportunity.

anyway, the main speaker for the event was christine caine.  i hadn't heard about her (not that that means anything), so i immediately looked her up before we went.  does she have a twitter account?  yes...following her.  how about a website? her bio.  facebook?  of course!  she is a part of hillsong church in sydney, australia.  bingo!!!  i love hillsong praise and worship and she will be speaking for at least an hour each night with her australian accent!  win win.

first impression of christine:  so cute, hilarious, sassy.  and bless her heart, was hobbling around with a ginormous knee brace all night.  as the evening went on...her passion for Jesus and His people was undeniable.  her testimony was heartbreaking.  (the Lord uses broken people...)  and she is a huge part of the A21 campaign.  an organization who's purpose is to abolish the human trafficking of women and girls.  to seek justice on their behalf and convict those who kidnapped them.  not only that, but to rehabilitate these women and girls and help them move on with counseling and job training.  amazing!

i was shocked to say the least!  how can this be happening?!  as a mom to two little girls, i was extra tender to the stories and statistics.

ok, wait.  the first time i ever heard about human trafficking (or realized there was such a thing) was when i watched that liam neeson movie, taken.

that movie makes human trafficking look almost shiny in comparison to the reality shared by christine.  i want to encourage you to go to the A21 campign's website to learn more about this modern day holocaust.  and while you're there, you can see how you can help these innocent women and children.

here is their new video to raise awareness...

shocking topic and a very un-friendly friday evening post, i know.  but if this truth isn't shared and people aren't aware that this is happening, then how can it be stopped?  at the very least, we can share this information with others and pray about it.  join me in praying for the victims and for those who are helping them.  pray for their protection and that God would show them favor. and ultimately, that it would be His will for this horrible slavery to be abolished!

thank you,

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