Friday, May 13, 2011

re-do's on the brain

as of late, some super sweet families here at zephyr have been doin' the house "switcheroo".  we will not be joining in on these festivities.  but all this moving business and redecorating has gotten me in the mood to change things up here.

our current kitchen is very spacious with tons of cabinet room and countertop space.  extremely grateful for all those nooks and crannies...unless we're talking about cleaning.  in that case, bummer.  anyway, this house was built about 15 years ago and the kitchen is needing some refreshing.  luckily, there are so many diy products out there, that i will be tackling this myself!  :)  time consuming, yes, but so personal and it will be neutral for the people who will live here after us.

here are some pretty kitchens that caught my eye...

i love turquoise and jade cabinet colors, but i'll be sticking with a white tone.  i really like clean white cabinets with dark hardware.

like these from ikea:

along with the cabinet re-do's, the countertop at casa grantham is needing some tlc too.  we will not be getting new ones, but re-doing the existing forrest green laminate counter.

of course marble and quartz countertops are coveted, but look at the recycled glass countertops:

aren't they beautiful?!  i love that not only are they so pretty and one of a kind, but made from recycled glass!

more of a reality for me will be the rust-oleum countertop transformations method.  here are the countertop colors that you can choose from:

pebbled ivory, desert sand, java stone, onyx & charcoal

i'm leaning towards the onyx or charcoal countertop with a shade of white for the cabinets and those chic, cheap knobs and pulls from ikea.  :)

shades of white...well i need to consult with martha to find the right white:

that will be a great before and after blog post!  hopefully sometime soon.  :)  i've already started prepping my existing cabinets by giving them a nice cleaning this afternoon with some hot water and dawn.  it worked really well, especially on those cabinets with the ever-so-lovely kitchen grease on them.

i can see it now,


  1. Oh my gosh. Those green cabinets are TO DIE FOR. You know I love that DIY! :) Exciting...

  2. They have the ability to withstand the heat of this type of material is fine with the activities in the kitchen. As for kitchen countertops are considered, the' use of granite inserts a rich look to it.


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