Thursday, May 19, 2011

slow intros

whether you're a volunteer for a rescue organization, shelter, or an animal lover who has contact with a furry k-9 friend on a regular basis...this step by step intro guide can be a helpful tool.  the title is key, "easy does it".  all too often, introductions with new dogs can go too fast.  which can then lead to problems in the long run.  

there is that 2 week "honeymoon" phase where these precious pooches act like little angels and then, once they are free to make their own choices, can run amuck and some true colors start to show.  all the more reason to take it slow so you can observe their behavior and corrections can be made before it gets out of hand.  nip it in the bud!  


i know there are plenty of dog training/behavior books out there.  but there is a book called the dog listener by jan fennell that has been recommended to me & is jam packed with helpful, insightful info for us dog loving humans.  if you are looking for a good read or are needing some extra tools, this one is great.  click here to visit jan's website.

and don't forget to visit the french bulldog rescue network too!  (where i got this awesome chart.)  there are lots of available frenchies and some newbies that will be available soon.  if those smooshy faces don't melt your heart, i don't know what will!  ;)  if you're not looking to adopt at the moment and feel the need to help, there are many ways to get involved.  just click the volunteer/how to help link to learn how.  thanks!  

frenchies fo life,

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