Friday, May 27, 2011

my baby man is three!!!

three years ago today, jack wyatt grantham was born.  i went into natural labor (imagine that!) three days before our scheduled c-section.  that was new for me because with sadie, i was induced, and tess was a scheduled section too...but she stayed in until it was time.  :)

so, my fabulous doctor decided to do the section that day!  (i was already a 2 :)  he was delivered at 37 weeks and 3 days.  should be fine, right?  well, when he came out (glorious!!!), his breathing was labored and the doctors didn't like that.  i got to give him some kisses and then they took him into the nursery.

quickly he went from the "regular" nursery to level 1 nicu.  diagnosis...he had a surfactant deficiency.  poor bub was hooked up to a cpap at first and then upgraded to a nasal cannula.  plus a feeding tube.  God held us and blessed us during that time.  and a week later, we came home!

here is a trip down memory lane...

wrapped in his hospital blankie
sadie holding her new baby brother!
my pretty sissy and her new nephew!

having some tummy time with his mimi

sweet baby in a bumbo


love this face

come again?

my favorite guys on bub's 1st birthday


hey mom!

2 yrs old celebrating tessa's 4th b-day

always on the move

big boy

happy birthday Jack!  we love you so much !  it has definitely been an adventure so far.  thank you for keeping me on my toes.  ;)

big hugs & kisses,

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  1. Man, sixth pic down in the yellow romper... canigittawhatwhat ♡. And the 11th down "Hey Mom!" man he was stout. That was a big boi.

    ♡♡♡Happy birthday♡♡♡I love you, Jack♡♡♡


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