Monday, November 29, 2010

i heart zephyr

we are currently residing at a sweet little spot called zephyr baptist encampment.  it's a christian camp about an hour outside of corpus christi, texas.  my hubs and i both have a history here.  i was a summer staffer/life guard from '98-'00 and he was a staffer from '99 on and off through the present (he's moved up the ranks a bit since then).   

we met as summer staffer's...awww.  <3

anyway, this is an amazing place where God is still doing His work.  june-august is when youth and pre-teens come out, and the rest of the year, retreat groups (such as non-profits, schools, churches, etc.)  come out to enjoy all zephyr has to offer.

zephyr can sleep up to 680 guests!  the camp has a pool, pond, ropes course, waterfront off of lake corpus christi, paintball course, indoor & outdoor get the idea.  plenty to keep you busy!  :)

here are some of the sights:

front gates


kayaks @ the water front

the blob @ the pond


ropes course

camp store

oak lodge

one of the cabins

view of the lake from huisache

there we are!

if you'd like more information about camp zephyr, please visit the website or the facebook fan page.  and if you or someone you know might be interested in serving as a staffer for summer '11, please visit here to download an application.  oh, and the sooner the better...summer will be here before you know it!  *wink, wink*


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