Thursday, November 18, 2010

honey pied pets

i have loved furry creatures for as long as i can remember.  my dad was an animal lover, and it was his love for them that kept our house full of pets.  (something my mom LOVED...not.)  my sister and i started out with hamsters...who we then got together and had babies.  10 babies!  

we did not ask permission for that, ask your parents before any pet romances blossom.

our first dog was a pembroke welsh corgi named pee wee.  (we loved pee wee herman!  i know you are but what am i?)  pee wee was precious and a lot of fun, but as a herding dog, he was a lot to keep up with.  later, theodore (teddy), a schnauzer mix and chico, a chihuahua, joined the fam.

my old lady kitty (that's her name.  clever, i know.) was found with her brother and sister in an empty lot next to our house on oct. 1, 1995.  that's right, she's a geriatric kitty now at 15 years.  my other kitty, max, came along 8 years ago from a "free kittens" add.  they were my kids before i had kids.

here is max

 napoleon is the newest furry grantham.  we got him off of a craigslist add.  i do not recommend that you find the "pet of your dreams" from craigslist.  there are never ending pets available in every city, and craigslist can be a bit "shady", if you know what i mean.  the reality is, you might end up with an animal that is in worse shape than you thought, which would then lead to costly vet appointments. 

i'm the soapbox now.

us, finding napoleon, was definitely a God thing.  it was entirely orchestrated to where everything just worked out.  from literally picking him up, to bringing him home.  he was already utd (up to date) on prevention and vaccines, neutered...the works.  and he got along great with the kids, kitty & max!

here's the little creamsicle

i thought i had a picture of kitty on here, but i guess i don't.  =^..^=

more posts & pics of these fur kids to come!


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