Saturday, June 18, 2011

if i could i would...

for father's day this year we will:

have a breakfast feast cooked by yours truly, 
hear God's word at Agua Dulce Baptist Church, 
eat lunch wherever tyler chooses

sounds great!  

some family time, which is hard to come by these days, in honor of one of his many roles...
being a dad.  a great one at that! 

but if i could i would take him to...

 kerbey lane cafe for some nummy breakfast

sydney, australia  for amazing worship and message via hillsong

 a titans game at their home field

the hula hut for some fish tacos

and a black keys show to finish out the day

all the while having a fantastic time with our very
obedient kids.  ;)

maybe someday we'll celebrate father's day
in such a way.  but for now, 
we'll celebrate him anyway we can.

we love you babe,
libby, sadie, tessa & jack

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