Monday, December 13, 2010

honey pied loves fbrn

 i have been a volunteer for the french bulldog rescue network since july 1st of 2009.  it is a fabulous non profit organization that takes in surrendered french bulldogs.  a lot of people are unaware that there is a "rescue" for this breed, but they are very popular, and some owners cannot care for their frenchie any longer.  so, that's where we come in!

when one of our volunteers gets word of a frenchie in need, the group is alerted and action takes place.  a foster home is found, transportation to that foster home is arranged, the vet in the area of the foster home is called so the new frenchie can get a check up...busy, busy.  after the surrendered frenchie is in his/her foster home, they are closely evaluated for health issues (allergies, parasites, etc.), behavior issues (from fearful to happy go lucky) and given the love they need. 

fbrn has 600+ volunteers all over this country and canada.  some of the busiest states for us are california, texas & florida.  all of the volunteers take on different responsibilites within the rescue.  some foster, some raise funds, some help with transporting the fosters, some help with reviewing the applications of potential forever families, etc.  but everyone works together for the greater purpose of the find their perfect forever family!

fbrn foster Othello

fbrn's rooster is available for adoption

fbrn grad, fergus, snuggling with his basenji brother

i want to encourage you to visit the website and see what fbrn has to offer.  from the foster page to the available page, there are so many adorable faces to see and bios to read.  who knows, you might just find the dog of your dreams!  if one of those faces pulls at your heart strings, you can apply for him or her right from their page by clicking on the "apply for me here" link.  you can also do some shopping while you're on the site with proceeds going right back into fbrn to help those needy frenchies.

if you, or someone you know would be interested in volunteering or learning how to help this amazing organization, you can click here to get all the info.

oh, and for all the blog lovers, visit the frog princess at fbrn's blog for updates on foster's and what's happening within the group.

fbrn's own, frog princess

the next time you get an "itch" for a new furry family member, think about your local shelter or check for a rescue.  there are many breed specific and non breed specific rescues full of animals waiting for  their forever family.

frenchie kisses,


  1. Great post Libby! I love that you are involved in rescue... I am looking at these cutie little frenchie faces, thinking how could ANYONE give them up! Great background print on the blog too... did you design it?

  2. Thanks Kirby! I didn't design this, it's already a design blogger has available. I love the honey yellow with the turquoise, so sunny. :) I've been keeping up with your adventures, sounds like you and your fur babies are staying busy. Have a very merry Christmas!

  3. Your blog looks great, Lib! You should get a custom header, incorporating the sunny colour with some of your pics, etsy designs, fbrn stuff, whatever. Just a thought! :)
    BTW... great blog post too, girl! xo


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